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Agia BarbaraWith spectacular views, the Monastery of Saint Barbara is located near the monastery of Saint John the Baptist. According to the inscription, it was built in 1648. The church is a basilica of single-aisle type with a dome and renovated probably in the year 1697. Nowadays ,  the are no monks in the monastery. It is cared for Mrs Magda who will happily welcome you and show you the monastery.
The monastery is surrounded by a thick, tall wall that resembles a medieval fortress. It is a gilded wooden temple decorated with flowers and vines but also double headed eagles. Over the Great Gate and in the temple gaps there are two sets of performances depicting the 12 prophets and the Virgin while the rest depict the Great Prayer and a major holidays. There are also icons of the 17th century while many of them have been stolen.

If you like to visit it, you can reach up there by taxi or by a rental car or you can prefer our office MichalisTours.


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