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Saint RiginosSaint Riginos lived in the 4th century a.C. He was of the Greek origin and with the aid of his parents he received the education of his time. At the same time he desired to come close to Christ and live according to His will. The reputation of his holiness reaches the island of Skopelos and the residents wanted and managed to make him first Bishop of the island as the spiritual guide. As a Bishop of Skopelos, he participated in the Council of Sardica and with more than 300 other Bishops condemned the heresy of Arius (Arianism). When emperor Julian the “offender” persecuted Christians, Saint Riginos was given the opportunity to fight for his faith giving the example of personal sacrifice and witness. He tortured to reject his faith in Christ and in the end probably beheaded along with forty other unknown Skopelos people who were martyrs of the Orthodox religion.

According to the history, the monastery was built in 1728, probably on the remains of an older Byzantine monastery. The present church was built in 1960 . In the monastery yard there is the grave of the Saint. Also, the are cells in the SW corner of the monastery while at a short distance there is a fountain. The church is a single-aisled wooden-roofed private temple.

The holy relic of Saint Riginos was transferred to Cyprus from where, after a year, Hanji Konstantinos, a captain from Skopelos,brought it back with reverence and it was kept initially in the monastery of St. John the Baptist on Skopelos. Later, it was transferred to the Cathedral of Skopelos “Birth of Christ”, where it is kept to date.

It was worth visiting the island on 24th and 25nd February to witness worshiping events with letanies and the great procession of the holy relic from the monastery through the streets of Skopelos and to the church of the Birth of Christ.

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