Monastery of Saint John the Baptist (Timios Prodromos)

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Saint John the BaptistIt was a favorite monastery of all locals with its welcome nuns who cared about the monastery. It was built from the monk Symeon in 1612. It was renovated from monk Filaretos in 1721as it is mentioned on the inscription at its entrance. Until 1920 the monastery was male but since it has been female. In the present, there are few nuns who wade into arts and crafts.

The church of Saint John the Baptist is a cruciform with four pillars in accordance with the Mount Athos architecture rules. It has a wood-carved, gilded, high temple with a rich decoration with tendrils, birds, animals and 15 icons with large feasts while it consists of two pieces, one date from 14th century and the other 18th century. The frescoes are of the 14th and 15th century. The icons of the monastery are also important dating from 16th century to 18th century A.D. At the altar of the monastery there is a mural concerning the founding of the monastery. The monastery celebrates on 24th June.

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