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Transfiguration of the SaviourThe monastery of the Saviour is opposite the monastery of Evangelismos and it was built in the late of 15th century and early of 16th century. The monastery is a dependency of the Xenofon’s Monastery of Mount Athos. Archaeological investigions deem this monastery as one of the oldest of the island although this was ot identified by an ownership inscription. In 1636 it was defined as stavropegic monastery by Patriarchal Sigillium and in 1770 it was donated by its founders, the Evangelinos family, to the priest Paisios Kasfokalyvitis. It is worth noting that in 1821 mount Athos monks fled to the monastery of the Saviour carrying relics to protect them from the Turkish conqueror.

Its architecture reminds us the architecture of Mount Athos a sign of the influence of Athos on the island of Skopelos in past years. Inside there is the remarkable old temple,a work of the 16th century with plant motifs without gilded or colouring. The images are also of the same period (16th century a.C) and some of them are works of the famous icon painter from Crete, Agorastos. The church also has a paved floor that has discovered recently and restored. Furthermore the restoration work of the old temple was recently completed. During your visit to the monastery you will notice that it consists of two wings with the guest quarters, the hostel, the kitchen and the monk cells. In the north wing there are chapels of Saint John the Theologist and Pammegiston Taxiarchonin a castellated building. On the eastern side there is the monastery tower which was used as an observatory and it protected the monks in times of raids from pirates.

On 6th August the monastery magnificently celebrates the biblical event of the Transfiguration of the Saviour.

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